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Crafty young gardeners know just how to make bare branches bloom in. I apologise, but it does not approach me. In terms of he short platforms, they managed to fit HSTs with selective door operation so it shouldn't be an issue to fit the D-Train with that.

The question is this, do us in the north continue to be seperated from the south to the extreme by keeping our pacers, or do we accept a little gesture from them and accept some pretty decent trains made new inside.

I've used the District line alot and I can safely say that some of the track is in a far worse condition than some of the bad stuff up here.

So with that in mind I don't think ride quality can be any worse than a pacer. The sad truth regarding the toilet issue is that if the journey time end to end is below a certain time limit there is no requirement for a toilet.

But if they were to be used on a say Manchester Victoria to Preston service it wouldn't be too terrible.

Also like the pacers they won't be allowed to run on say the WCML or on faster lines for long distance because as you rightfully said the top end speed is lower.

Do bare in mind however that there are some pacers knocking about that are actually now restricted to 65mph. All I'm saying is that it might be worth keeping an open mind.

London commuters complained endlessly about the s poor seating capacity. But as a regular standing passenger I'd rather stand on one of those than a pacer!

As a railwayman with 13 years experience in various areas of the rail industry this is an interesting concept.

Back in the 80s I don't remember much up until the late 80s due to young age! BR wasn't in the best state. Ageing rolling stock, under-used branch lines etc.

Thus the pacer was born. Love them or hate them they did, that is DID, a fantastic job and saved many of the branch lines and lowering the cost of running.

I have made no secret of my extreme dislike of the pacers. In my opinion they saved the day in the 80s and early 90s.

They should have been commended for doing exactly what they were built for and for BR to accept that they'd had their money's worth.

It however is now a shame that the north-south divide has got bigger and bigger over the last decade or so what with the amount of money being ploughed into rolling stock investment in the south, especially in the London and South-east.

It really does give us northerners the feel of total neglect and separation. However I think this D-Train concept might just save the day.

The south will actually do us a huge favour if this goes ahead. The D-Train could be the answer to us northerners prayers. This concept is almost a mirror image of 80s BR and the need for a cost effective short term solution to an inerrant problem.

In 5 or so years time there will be a massive surplus of DMUs due to the mass electrification projects. Some serious decisions will then have to be made as to which of the older 80s built rolling stock will be cost effective in remaining in service.

Like the pacers the , , , s etc. The question will need to be raised as to what will be scrapped or kept.

The D-Train however will effectively be a light weight, custom built urban, interurban and country branch line unit due to the multitude of options for interior specifications.

The fact they will be new, apart from the bodyshell, bogies and motors, means that they could effectively operate for a far longer period of time than the 80s build sprinters useful lifespan.

They would ironically almost be a 21st century pacer! The light weight would seriously reduce operational costs in track access charges alone.

That coupled with the advanced engines and technology to save fuel and make them as green as possible to run.

Even if they don't, it is a temporary solution until the currently heavily used DMUs become available and could easily be sold abroad.

I for one hope they would be here to stay. I will however reserve some judgement until I see the finished product.

Also the 15x units will need refurbishment very soon, and cannot in any event be expected to last more than 15 years, with their wholesale replacement being needed at the following franchise renewal.

Many branch lines don't have the train frequency to ever justify electrification, but they're not going to close and, being stand-alone services, battery units aren't the solution.

So it's a no-brainer that brand new DMUs are going to be needed eventually. But people are unwilling to act on this because there's a structural problem - the railway desperately needs a longer planning horizon, as people are unwilling to think beyond the end of the next franchise or control period.

New units are going to come in the end - what is the point of delaying a few of them by investing millions in these slow and controversial Crawlers?

George Osborne stood up in parliament and promised 'new and modern' trains to replace the Pacers - that's exactly what the North should be getting, and these Crawlers don't fit the bill.

You cannot make sensible judgements on the D Train until a prototype is in existence, these trains could turn out to be the best thing since sliced bread or total rubbish.

What we do know is that they will have decent body shells, relatively modern bogies, higher acceleration and lower top speed.

All these things suggest that they may be a good train. While I see it as a good way of recycling it is nevertheless how Pacers were conceived in the 's by recycling at least D Stock is rail vehicles and not buses, however why don't the North get new trains, the South always seems to get new trains for example always getting the s and the North gets cast offs from the s i.

If you are going to have new trains invest in companies that have their manufacturing over here for example Bombardier at Derby why not get 's for Northern Rail?

Overall I feel that it is a good idea but as someone said the ride quality will be awful with the fitting of secondary suspension and bearing in mind if they are limited to 60 then Pacers will be able to outstrip them at All they are doing is exasperating the problem in the sense that they are keeping the present seating layout on the D stock, why not convert them to airline style?

It's a secret plan by Chiltern to have a relatively cheap train for re-opening further lines. So tasteful Mk3s to get you home from London, with the last leg in a connecting souped up D Suddenly austerity doesn't seem so bad after all.

Several people have mentioned that pacers can do 75mph. Im not sure about class s but Im sure class s are restricted to 60mph due to safety fears.

Deffo the northern ones have been restricted to 60mph for a few years now.. With the better acceleration of the D-Train, They will leave a pacer behind.

No they're not, that was a tempory measure and is no longer the case. The environment up on an exposed Pennine hill can be very different to a cut-and-cover London underground line.

In winter, bitterly cold and high winds; in summer, problems of solar gain! A good idea if it can be made to work reliably but why the applied front end, which adds nothing apart from weight?

The existing design is neat, fuctional and rational. Does it come up to crashworthiness standards though? Anything is better than the Rubbish Pacers that are in use now since they were designed for a maximum 20 year life whilst the D78 was designed as a platform that was and even now could be upgraded as per the above to a useful train for the next 15 years.

This is a rare example of thinking outside the box in the modern UK rail industry - as a fellow entrepreneur I applaud it.

The Southern under Herbert Walker made a habit of recycling rolling stock, which was carried on by BR in the Bournemouth electrification.

The rail industry needs this kind of independent innovation. I know the ride quality is not great but a better interior esp seats , doors etc would make a big difference.

I first saw this train newly delivered to London under ground and being tested when I was a school kid of 15years old through Elm Park Station.

I joined London Underground and passed out as a guard on then in and passed out as a driver on them in and still drive them in I do believe your getting a great train and you should get antheir 10 to 15 years use out of them as Metro camel made a good train.

So please look after them they wel do you proud. I am no trained up and driving are new S7 Stock train let's see if they can last as long as the D78 Stock only time will tell.

As always the North always gets cast offs from other region's the class Northern Rail not bad I quite like them as for the D78 replacement for Pacer Nodding Donkey class bad choice come on Government you Southeners get all brand new trains what's wrong with the North.

Just what we can expect for the North East.. Second hand rejects with opening doors into the saloon. Just what we need up here on a freezing cold winter's morning..

Freeze the cods off the passengers when they've just had a touch of warmth. Anything that gives people new trains at a lower cost and can replace those awful pacers and have more seats and whats more produced in this country and not abroad creating more jobs must be a good thing Roll on i say and lets hopefully not wait years for them.

I don't really like the seating plan, esspecially the sideways seating. And I don't like the fact that the speed will be limited to 60 mph. I don't care for fast acceleration, trains aren't supposed to accelerate quickly.

I vote we keep the Pacers. I know many will disagree but I actually love Pacer Trains. They are my favourite train. I love riding them.

I love the sound of the engine. I love the noises they make.



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